Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pink Tilda

Hello there, hope you have had a better day than me today. My little one has been sick since Thursday and finally managed to get his big bro sick...and me! The head snot cleaner of the house is feeling a bit under the weather. I decided to keep big bro home from school today. I even thought ahead and unplugged the phone. We were expecting snow and I did not want a wake-up call from the school at 6:15 telling me that school had been delayed. Well, I guess the cat heard me mention 6:15 to my husband last night because she woke me up at exactly 6:15 this morning, wanting to go out. But then she saw the snow on the ground and decided to stay in. And then changed her mind again...and again. And instead of sleeping in a little bit, the boys were up at 7 am...and the little one in a pretty grouchy mood. All morning there was crying and screaming about basically nothing. I am wore out. Complaining done, lets move on to my crafts.
A friend of mine  posted a card challenge at the icelandic scrap forum. We were to use our oldest Magnolia stamp and color the image to match the paper we wanted to use on the cards.
Now, I have to admit that I have no clue which one of my Magnolias is the oldest. But I think this one might be.
I'm pretty sure the patterned paper is from Fancy Pants and Bo Bunny...but I can't promise that my memory is a 100% correct on that. I had fun making this card, I haven't done an easel card in a while. I'm just sorry I haven't got a better picture, I rushed out at sunrise yesterday to get a picture of it and it was pretty cold outside.
I mentione the tie die from Papertrey ink in my last post, here is another tie card that I made for my store. I'm still in love with that die.
I use white card stock from Papertrey ink, it's the best I have tried and the price is fair.
And I have also been busy sewing. Somehow I tend to do my sewing on the weekends, I've got big bro keeping the little one company so I get a few minutes here and there for sewing. The cards are easier to do in the evenings because there's no interuptions and I've got the room to myself.
This is the red HULDA bag. Designed by myself. 
You can wear it on your shoulder or across your body. And the pocket has a keyfob which can easily be taken off if it's not wanted there.
I'm feeling so proud of big bro today, they've been having a read-a-thon at his school and in a week and a half he's read 887 pages and we're not counting the non-fiction books. He's only 7 years old so that's pretty darn good. He was trying to read the most of all the kids in 2nd grade...I hope he did. Eight chapter books in a couple of weeks!
Anywho...I've got some crafting to do :)
Have a wonderful rest of the week.
P.S. the picture of the tie card and the tote picture will take you to their spot in my store of you click'em!

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