Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gray, pink and white

I've got  a few cards made but have yet to get the pictures on the computer. I was busy getting these bags done ;)
I've got them in my store now and have started working on more cards. We've got a birthday coming up this weekend. My DS is turning 8 and his friend just turned 8 so they are going to celebrate together at a local gym. That means I've gotta get 2 cards done for Saturday.
Back to my sewing.
This bag has got pleads, piping, interfacing, 3 interior pockets and a magnetic snap. My hubby's niece helped me pick out the fabric. Pink is one of my favorite colors and pink and gray go to gether perfectly. The fabric is Duck cloth/Duck fabric. The lining is dark blue, almost black. The exterior fabric has interfacing.
Same fabric used in this tote. The webbing is a recycled belt. It is lined with the same dark blue lining and it has a magnetic snap too. No pockets. Interfacing on the exterior fabric. I used this tutorial from Handmade Therapy to make it.
My first wristlet. I think I might make more. I've got to get over my zipper phobia ;) The wristlet is also lined with dark blue and has interfacing on the exterior fabric.
I've got a couple more fabrics that I might use to make a set like this. But right now I've got to focus on getting some cards done and wrapping a couple of birthday presents ;)
If you want the measurements for my bags just click on the images.
Have a great Thursday y'all!

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