Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Have you heard of ezebee?

If you've been to my blog before you might know that I finally set up an online store. I set up my store on Etsy. Figuring that was more my thing than eBay. Well a few months after I started my Etsy store a little bird whispered in my ear about this online community called ezebee. It's a place where you can set up a store or two or three, also called showrooms. It cost time. You set up your profile, choose how many showrooms you want to set up and start uploading your product. If you already have an etsy store you can actually add the link to your etsy store with your items. You can join groups in the community and you can promote your product using "bee coins" and you can use bee coins to buy stuff from other sellers on ezebee. The bee coins are kind of like gift cards. You get one bee coin for each product that you upload and you can purchase more bee coins if you like. Or you can use paypal to receive payments or to pay for products. If you speak German there are a lot of groups for you to join, I can read a little but not write much but I joined some anyway. There are groups for different countries and face book pages too. I am in a group for Ezebees in the U.S. and Ezebees on Etsy. But I would love to see more activity there. I am also hoping that more Icelanders join so we can have a group for Iceland there.
Ezebee simple and easy to use. If you scroll down my blog you can actually see my showroom AND shop from it right here. I've been told you can resize the look of the showroom manually to fit your blog but I actually like that the pictures of my products are big and clear so I am not going to mess with the size. If you've been considering trying to sell your stuff online but don't want to spend money on it I would consider joining the ezebee community. But remember, it's not enough to just upload your stuff and then sit and pick your nose while waiting for your things to have to remember to promote your stuff. Tell everyone and their friends. Make friends with people that also have online stores, like their stuff. Try to get people to view your product. It takes time to get noticed. Fill up your store so people have lots of things to look at. I am still working on that in both of my stores. I will get there eventually. Check out the Ezebee marketplace! There's lots of nice and interesting stuff you can find there.
Talking about promoting, it would be silly of me not to post some of my new stuff, right?
This is my first Chevron handbag. It was so hard to pick what color chevron fabric I should choose. But I wanted it to go with "everything" so I picked gray. The chevron fabric is Duck fabric. The bag has black lining and one interior pocket. It's pretty roomy. 
I've been trying to make more masculine cards. I tend to make more cards for women and children. I used two stamp sets to make this card, both from Stampin'Up and the patterned paper is also from Stampin'Up. It's blank inside like most of my cards.
You can click on the images to see more details in my etsy store OR scroll down to see them in my ezebee showroom :)
We recently spent a weekend in Savannah, Georgia, and I loved it! I wish I could go to SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design). I would have a hard time to pick what to learn because I'd want to try all of their classes. Unfortunately I don't have $50K a year to spend on education :p

I can't wait to go there again, I think I could spend a month there and not see everything the city has to offer.
My older son is spending time with family in Florida and I had big plans to spend as much time as I could at the pool or the river with my little one, but no luck with that this week. It's been raining so hard and it doesn't look like we'll get a chance to go until maybe Saturday or Sunday :( No 4th of July celebrations for us, I might take him to Ihop to get icecream though. That'll be our 4th of July treat.
I hope y'all are staying dry and getting some sunshine, happy 4th of July and a happy weekend too :)
I'll be back soon with my newest creation.

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