Wednesday, July 31, 2013

This week has been just sew sew

Sew sew busy.
Friday night my friend took us to Biltmore again and the kids had a blast, the music was great and we just barely got out of there before it started raining.
Saturday my hubby took the boys and my MIL to a family reunion and I got a few hours of peace and quiet. I used just about every minute to sew this bag.
The blue fabric was from a thrift store and the chevron fabric from a grab bag from Hobby Lobby.
The pattern is inspired by THIS BAG.
Sunday and Monday we spent with my hubby's family and they have an old shack/house on their property that I thought would be perfect as a backdrop for my purse. 

And of course I couldn't help taking butterfly pictures and... looks like they'll have plenty of apples this year to make apple sauce, apple butter and apple pie.
Too bad I'm allergic to apples :( 
Just beautiful! They've got corn, tomatoes and peaches too.
My boys had a blast and they got to stay the night.
Sunday night I got a request from a customer to make another bag, just like the one she had bought from me. What a great compliment! So I spent half of Monday and all Tuesday making her a bag. I had promised myself I would never make this bag again but maybe this will have to be the last time. It's just a pain in the "you know what" getting all the pieces to fit together.
I was happy that I had enough fabric to make an (almost) identical to THIS BAG but I wish the sewing had been as smooth as when I made the bag above. Last night, at midnight my sewing machine said "STOP IT....I can't sew straight anymore!" so I had to take a break and finish it this morning. And it's off in the mail now. I also sent two cards off today and that reminds me that I still haven't posted my newest cards here nor have I had the chance to put them in my store.
We had a rainy day today (we've had too many of those this summer) so I swallowed my pride and took the boys to McDonalds (I can't stand that place) to eat and play and then to the $3 movies to see Despicable Me 1. I think they had fun even if it was the old movie ;)
Well, my dad's got a birthday coming up and I was thinking of making a card for him tonight.
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Christine Welsh said...

Very nice! Gotta love Chevrons! :)