Sunday, August 18, 2013

My first Beaucatcher bag

Back in July I decided to design a tote bag to give to my sister for her birthday. I couldn't show it here back then because it had to travel all the way to Iceland first. And now it has made it to my sister so here it is:
The exterior fabric is from Hobby Lobby, the straps I found at Goodwill Outlet and they came with the "key fob" I used on the bag too. I put it there so my sister could hook her coin purse and her keys to it. Then she won't have to look for them in the bag. 
The interior is a recycled fabric that I found at a thrift store.
I'm no good at making coin purses but I made one anyway. It has the same lining as the tote bag. And the ring on it says "Tommy Hilfiger" too.

I have made 4 Beaucatcher bag so far. The other three are in my shop, just finished the newest one on Friday. Two bags have been added to my Etsy shop and are waiting to be added to my Ezebee shop. I spent too much time chatting with my sister on Facebook on Saturday night and browsing through Etsy that I didn't have time to add to my Ezebee. I didn't finish the bag I've been working on either. Just got a few stitches left.
I'm going to end this post with a picture of my almost 4 year old with a friend. My little baby is going to start preschool on Wednesday and he's so excited about it. 
I appreciate every visitor on my Etsy store and Ezebee, you can find the links here to the right and at the bottom of my blog :)
Have a great Sunday!

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