Saturday, August 10, 2013

Polka dots

I think I mentioned it before that I went to IKEA to meet up with other Icelanders that live in NC. Of course I had to get my hands on a little bit of fabric while I was there. I got one yard of this fabulous polka dotted fabric, don't ask me why I didn't get more :p
I made this bag and decided to spice it up a little bit with hot pink piping and a hot pink polka dotted ribbon tag on the side. I think it turned out pretty good.

It's got boxed corners and can hold a bunch of stuff.

I added a key fob to the lining, no need to dig through the purse to find your keys!
The exterior has interfacing and also the top part of the lining. And as you can see it has a magnetic snap closure. I don't know why the picture wanted to be vertical, it was supposed to be horizontal.
I've got a customer order that I'm waiting to finish but my MIL is visiting and I didn't want to get the machine out while she's here. But I did get my knitting needles and I'm going to try knitting an Icelandic sweater for the first time. It's a pretty simple one and I hope I can finish it and that it will fit me. I got Icelandic wool (plötulopi) for Christmas last year and I didn't want it sitting in a box any longer. 
My birthday was Thursday and my MIL bought us lunch. I had already asked my hubby to take me out to lunch or dinner and I wanted to go to a seafood restaurant but somehow he changed it to a Chinese buffet. So I got Chinese food instead of the seafood that I wanted. I've only been wanting to go to that seafood place for months! I guess I'll have to twist his arm another time. Couldn't fuss about that with MIL around ;)
So right now my sewing machine is on a break, can't work on any cards and I don't know for how long that is going to last. Unless I'm going to work in the middle of the night :p but I don't do good if I don't get my sleep so a break it is. It's a good thing I know the customer who's waiting for her bag.
But I tell you, if you are planning on visiting with friends/relatives, don't say you are coming on day X and then call last minute to tell them your not coming only to call back a couple of days later and say "I'm coming tomorrow!" because your friends/relatives might have something else working!
I shouldn't be fussing, my MIL is a sweetheart and it's her birthday and I've got a card ready for her and a gift. And I don't mind having her here at just wasn't the best timing for me and hubby didn't think to ask if it was a good time for me.
So I'm just going to have to work like a maniac when I get a chance and until then, enjoy my plants and these pictures of the flowers at Biltmore Estate (Antler Hill) that I took last weekend.
I am sooo going to have to get a ticket to the estate that lasts a whole year. I've heard that  Christmas there is magical. And it's only a 15-20 min. drive for me to get there.
I wish you all a great creative weekend.
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