Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sewing again

I was able to get my sewing machine back out yesterday afternoon and got my custom order done.
The patterned fabric is duck cloth. The lining is black like the top part of the bag. And it's got one pocket. Fortunately I had already cut out the pieces and ironed on the interfacing so I only had to piece it together and sew it yesterday.
I decided since I couldn't sew or make cards that I could at least get out my knitting. I got out some plötulopi (Icelandic wool) and started knitting a sweater for myself.
I've manage to knit up to where the sleeves will be attached to the body. Now I just have to start the sleeves. 
I got this bag finished a few days ago. But with all the rain we've been having I hadn't got a chance to get good pictures of it for my store. It has rained here almost every day for weeks now, I have had enough and can't wait for school to start. I can't afford to take my boys to indoor places to keep them busy so we've basically been stuck at home. 
I check on my plants just about every day, try to get rid of the weeds but the rain keeps them growing super fast. The few flowers I have seem to be doing good, except for this emperor. Well, I think I found out what's bugging it. And it's not bugs. It seems as the flowerbed by my mailbox is THE peeing/pooping spot for the dogs in the neighborhood....that are being walked by their owners.
I watched a couple of my neighbors let their dogs pee in my flowerbed today. Seriously! No wonder the poor emperor is looking all sickly :( I've got the same plant in 3 other places and they are much bigger and greener. One of the neighbors I saw today has actually given me some of the plants I have.
I think it's enough that my cat is messing up my flowerbeds, I don't need the dogs in the neighborhood doing it too. GRRR!
Well, I've gotta finish the Beaucatcher bag that I made today, just gotta add a magnetic snap, a button and close up one hole and then it's done :) Tomorrow I'm going to visit with a friend and we're going to celebrate our birthdays almost a week late (we have the same birthday).
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