Thursday, November 14, 2013

A visit from Iceland

I'm still alive and pretty busy. Since my last post I have had my twin sister and two of my closest friends over for a visit from Iceland. And of course while they were here both of my boys got sick and stayed sick for a week. On top of that my car broke down. But my visitors had a rental so I was able to show them around a little bit. I'll talk about that later in the post.
First I want to show you a couple of the Christmas cards I have in my store.
I hot out my heating tool and embossing powder and stamped a few images. I really like how simple this card looks even if it's not really simple to make...easy but takes time. I heat embossed the ornament and then sponged the purple color one it before cutting it out. I also added glitter to the pattern on the ornament.

Here I used a stamp I hadn't used in a while. Those penguins are super cute. I added a little bit of color to them, cut them out and used the die cut template as a stencil to fill in the background with a sponge. Added glitter and crystal effects to the scarfs and the iceberg. The background paper used to be white but I sponged it to make it match the image.
You can find these cards HERE.
I have also been busy sewing. Had to get a few Christmas presents done for my sister to take back to Iceland and I also had custom orders to take care of.

Here is a bag from my shop. I also made a smaller version of it but sold it before I had a chance to put it in my shop. You can find this one HERE.

I have made two of these and sold both. The fabric is from IKEA and I made sure to buy more last time I went there to meet with fellow Icelanders (a couple of weeks ago).
I am currently working on a bag made out of beautiful burlap fabric, I happened to find a small piece of it at a fabric store and it was just enough for a small bag. I'll hopefully finish it tonight or in the morning.
Back to my friend's visit (and my sister's). I took the girls to Bat Cave, Chimney Rock and Lake Lure the first full day they had here. The elevator to the actual rock at Chimney Rock was broken so we just enjoyed the view from the shops and restaurants. Of course it had been fixed a week later :p We also enjoyed a stroll around Lake Lure. It is always beautiful. 
We also went down town (Asheville) to party but I have no luck "partying" down town, the town is always dead when I get a chance to enjoy it.
We went to a corn maze (Eliada Home) and on a ghost tour with the famous (friend of my hubby's) Joshua P. Warren. We did a lot of shopping and then my friends went on to a conference in Atlanta and my sister stayed with me and my sick boys. I did manage to take her to Biltmore Estate. It was pretty busy there but we enjoyed looking at a few of the rooms in the house (before we gave up on the super long line of people), the shops and the gardens. And on the way back is when my car decided to give up on life.

Biltmore Estate 

My hubby managed to keep my car going for a little bit and took us to Mount Mitchell. I have never been there in such a perfect weather. Usually it's cold and windy but this time it was sunny and warm and my little one said he could see all the way to Russia from there (he's 4). 
I have some more adventures to tell you in my next post but now I've got to get back to my sewing machine.
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