Tuesday, November 26, 2013

More Christmascards

A couple of weeks ago the boys had a long weekend and we took them to Linville Falls. We stayed in a cabin and spent the first day checking out areas like Linville Gorge, Wiseman's View and Table Rock. Beautiful areas. But my car decided it was to old for this trip and died...on Table Rock. We were able to get it down the mountain and to the cabin (just barely) and were stuck at the cabin for a couple of days. I did manage to get decent pictures from our adventure and the cabin owner and I traded a little bit. She got 7 bags from me and we got the cabin at a discounted price. We were forced to stay an extra night while our car was in the shop and the cabin owner helped us find a car dealer in the area so we could get another car (we had been shopping around for a car before going on the trip).
These two bags in the pictures below are among the 7 bags that are going to be wrapped up as Christmas presents this Christmas :)

Both are made out of home décor fabric (outdoor fabric).
And recently I sent a few Christmas cards to my mom in Iceland.

They all have parts on them that have been stamped and heat embossed and sponged with ink before being cut.
Since our trip to Linville Falls I have been fighting a bad cold that got to my chest and I have not been as productive as I want to be. But I did add a bag to my store tonight and I've got a Thanksgiving coupon. You can see it on the stores front page (spend $50 and use coupon code THANKU13 to get $5 off).
I'm going to end this post with a couple of pictures from our trip (I should have cleaned the lens!). And let you imagine how the mountains to the left look all burnt. There was a wildfire there just a couple of days after we were there. It burned 2,579 acres. The gorge was opened up to the public again a couple of days ago.

I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving and safe travels (my U.S. readers).
Make sure you stop by my store before you log off :)



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