Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Well, wouldn't you know it!

I start working 40 hours a week and my store suddenly gets super busy. I've been super tired after work but hopefully my body is getting used to the changed schedule and I can get some sewing done (or card making) on the weeknights. I have been having problems getting a straight stitch on my machine lately and had to redo my sewing over and over again. I've gotta figure out how to fix it before there's nothing left in my store to sell. I've got an order waiting to be sent off but my post office closes too early for me. My hubby has been a great assistant in the last few weeks though and has gone to the post office for me a few time. I might have to hire him as my assistant elf ;)
I want to show you a few of my Beaucatcher bags.
I am actually using this one now, I just love polka dots.

I gave this one as a door prize at a church event.

This one sold already.

You can find this one HERE!

And this one I sold last weekend. 
I only have 3 Beaucatchers in my store at the moment, I need to make more. I do have a few bags lines up to be sewn and one that would be ready for my store if I wasn't aching to fix the top stitching a little bit. Either that or sell it a bit cheaper that other bags in the same style.

Anywho, it's finally cooling off a little bit here in the mountains and I can't wait for the mosquitoes to disappear so I can do some yard work. My flowerbeds need weeding and cleaning. 

I hope you stop and check out my store while browsing on the internet. You can find it right HERE! 

Thanks for stopping by!

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